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Live the river with us and your friends


is among the most chosen and safest river activities, within everyone’s reach. Accompanied by our expert guides, you can live an unforgettable experience in the park of the Nera river, having fun in company. The rafting descent takes place in the clear waters of the Nera river, just before the famous Marmore Falls.


allows you to reach deep knowledge and independence in the relationship between man and river. The river environment remains a continuous discovery. The courses are held in complete safety by the F.I.C.K. Instructors of the Gruppo Canoe Terni with theoretical-practical lessons and personalized teaching methodologies.


especially the Canadian one, canoeing allows you to begin to understand the navigation and movement of the river, entering into an intimate relationship. Adventure, exploration and silence are waiting for you in the green Umbria region. Like the American Indians, you will swing on the water too and feel its flow.

Kayaking-canoeing start courses

The course is taught by FICK instructors of the Gruppo Canoe Terni and is structured in 5 lessons for approximately 3 hours each.

The activity is both turn to children (starting to 9 years old) and adults. The first two lessons will be carried out in draft water where the correct set-up in the kayak will be understood, with the learning of the basic maneuvers for the management of the boat and the first theoretical-practical notions for tackling in safety the activity.

In the second phase, the students will learn the techniques for carrying out the activity in rough water, and then face the first descents of the Nera river in the stretch from Ferentillo to Arrone, always followed by the instructor.

The equipment to carry out the course (canoe, paddle, wetsuit, jacket helmet, shoes and splash guards) will be provided directly by the Gruppo Canoe Terni.

The learner will simply have to wear a swimsuit, a t-shirt and a great desire to have fun learning a fantastic discipline, but the fundamental requirement to be able to participate in the course is to know how to swim.

Everyone is welcome

The Gruppo Canoe Terni

is a sports-amateur association that since 1975 has been promoting canoeing and river kayaking with subsequent registration, in the 1990s, to the FICK (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation – CONI), for which it organizes interregional, national and international canoeing competitions slalom and river descent, and to the FICT (Italian Tourist Canoe Federation), for which it promotes sports tourism gatherings for many activities in Valnerina.
About us

The river

is an extremely dynamic natural environment that offers the possibility, especially for young people, to develop various educational objectives: sports practice, environmental culture, socialization, self-esteem and respect for the others, spirit of adventure and autonomy.

Moreover, the fundamental element that most enhances this sport is undoubtedly the ecological one: the canoe, in fact, allows you to immerse yourself in a suggestive nature that enchants and which always requires the biggest respect, but it is just one of the many activities to be carried out in Valnerina.

Everyone is welcome

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